Epson 3200 and XBox 360 HDMI oddness


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Hi all,

I just got an Epson 3200 to replace my old Optoma HD70. The difference in brightness and colours is really noticeable, and while the jump from 720 to 1080 doesn't blow me away like the jump from 480 to 720 did, there's a definite improvement. All told, I'm dead happy, but the out-of-the-box settings for brightness and contrast seemed a bit poor. Nothing a bit of faffing with levels and calibration images couldn't sort though.

One thing though, which someone here might have an answer to:

I used to use a Joytech HDMI switcher to switch between my 360 and my tiny Asus HTPC. It worked perfectly with the old HD70, but with the new pj it seems to reject the signal from the 360 as un-supported. Connected directly it works fine though. Also, the 360 re-boots when the projector comes on or when it's connected. As in, if I turn on the 360 and then start the pj, the 360 re-boots. Not a huge problem (it all then runs just fine) but a bit of a weird thing.

So really, I guess I want a recommendation for an HDMI switcher which I can use with the 3200 and will allow me to switch between the 360, the PC and a third device (or more) and which won't cost an arm and a leg (having already dropped quite a bit on the new pj, Mrs Rich is likely to kill me if I spend a ton more).

Any ideas?

Dan L

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I used to use a Neet 4-1 switcher and never had any problems at all. Was only a few quid from Amazon - as above though it does need to use the supplied PSU.

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