Epson 2030 (TW5300) - green and purple horizontal line

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    I bought an Epson 2030 in the US about 3 years ago. It's the same as the UK TW5300 model from what I can see. I've since moved back to the UK and been using it fine for about 18 months. The PJ has the original lamp in it and has around 1,500 hours on it.

    Last week a green and purple horizontal line appeared across all inputs and in fact, without any input cables connected. The line only (briefly) disappears when switching between inputs. In the attached, you can see the green line but the purple continues across 90% of the screen.

    Any ideas whether this is repairable or time to replace? I've been very impressed with the PJ so far. It's a little noisy but I've been impressed with the value for money. That said, I'd have expected it to last longer than this so hopefully it can be repaired.


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