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    I have the Epson 2030 projector with a Elite SableFrame 110" screen. Since I am already have the 110" screen I guess I will have to be very precise with the mounting of the projector.

    It seems the my throw ranges for that size screen will be in between 9'10" and 11'10". With a recommended distance of right in the middle at 10'8". I assume this distance is from lense to wall or is that middle of projector to wall? Also, my main question here is; will I be able to use the 1:2:1 zoom to get it perfectly in screen size as long as I am close to the 10'8" and within that range?

    My ceiling 8'8". Will be ceiling mounting this in a drop ceiling. Any suggestions on a mount that has an extender that goes atleast 18"? That would get me to where the bottom of my screen is 3' from the ground which isn't bad, maybe a little high still.

    I hear I do not want to use digital keystone adjustment. Can you just tilt the projector down barely without any distortion of the projector?? I am new to this obviously. Would appreciate some help. Trying to learn.

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