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Epson 200 Upgrade? AE700, Z3?

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by markusp, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. markusp

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    Jul 21, 2005
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    Hey everyone. To keep it short, I currently have an Epson 200 that I like very much except for the black levels. Dark scenes in movies such as Hellboy, Van Helsing etc. just lack detail. Everything else about this projector is great though - 720p, lens shift, fan noise, colours, brightness etc.

    I'm seriously thinking of upgrading my projector but wonder if the newer LCD projectors have much better contrast when "calibrated" than my trusty Epson. When calibrated, the Epson measures 740:1 CR. I should mention that my room is not ideal - it has 20' ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and is not as dark as a bat cave, even at night. I do have blinds but they only help so much. At night, its dark but not pitch black.

    I've contemplated DLP projectors and even had the Sharp Z201 for a while but the fan noise / colour wheel noise was just too much to deal with and the calibrated CR was only marginally better at 900:1. Problem is, I definately need a projector with lens shift at the projector sits on a table behind my couch thanks to the 20' ceilings and no rear wall available to shelf mount. Here in Canada, I can't seem to find anyone that allows for a home demo of projectors and most retailers have a 25% restocking fee which could add up to a serious amount if I don't like the projector. Soooooo, what are your opinions re: upgrading. Will I see a big improvement in CR and black level detail by going to the AE700 or Z3 from my Epson and given my room conditions or should I spend my money elsewhere, say on a DVDO HD+ scaler etc.?


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