Epos Epic 2's


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Hi i am new to this forum.
I am also new to AV stuff.

Just wanted to post something about the Epos Epics which might help someone else in making a choice.

My original set up being Pioneer 915 amp with Whafedale 9.1's fronts 9cc Centre and 9.0 surrounds
I then Changed the Amp to the Onkyo NR-609. WOW what a massive improvement in terms of sound quality and functionality

A couple of days after getting the new amp i decided i 'needed' :laugh: a new set of fronts....

I was looking at the Tannoy V4's, M16i, M12i and B&W in the £300-£500 range

I went to superfi and audtioned all of the speaker that were available and the Epos Epics came out on top and by far.
I tested them against the m12i's first which sounded well rounded but had some harsh highs/treble with some track. I then tested the B&W's 685's which i thought sounded great until i listened to the EPICS the music instantly sounded alive, each instrument had its own space.

I have had them running for approx. 15 hours now with a mix of movies and stereo audio and they sound fantastic.

The only downside i can see is that if they are not driven hard enough they dont really sound all that good. I tested them out on my old Pioneer amp and they sounded so so.


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Welcome to the forum. Nice to hear from an epos owner they dont get much coverage on here. How are you finding having a difference center speaker to the fronts for watching movies?
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