Epic Games Wants Mother to Represent Persistent Fortnite Cheater ‘Sky Orbit’


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" Epic Games is not giving up on its copyright infringement lawsuit against "Sky Orbit," a YouTuber who the company accuses of persistently cheating in Fortnite. The court previously denied a default judgment, as the teenager was not represented by an adult. Epic Games now requests to have his mother assigned as guardian, as she reportedly "knows it all".

Two years ago, Epic Games decided to take several Fortnite cheaters to court, accusing them of copyright infringement. "



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Why not just ban him and move on? He has nothing to lose. I understand they want to eradicate cheaters as it puts people off the game but wouldn’t banning his account do the trick and having a team that ban any reported cheaters after that?


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Because the cheater will just make other accounts and cheat again.
The company need to send out a signal thats its not tolerated ruins as it for everyone else.
There are so many cheaters out there more than most think.
Clever players use a cheat./hack at certain moments
The weird thing is these cheats think they are good players and get enjoyment out of cheating.
Even worse they think they are winners.
Shows the sort of person they are and hopefully they get cheated later on in life and they cannot complain either.

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