EPG Problems since Clocks changed

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Since the clocks changed I have had to delete and replace every single item on my personal planner since the times were all showing as an hour out from where they should be.

Before deleting all items I tried a planner rebuild, but that didn't seem to solve the problem.

Should I be looking forward to this again come the Spring?


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We contacted Sky on Sunday and were told there was no quick fix (I had tried the planner rebuild). So, we deleted and re-created the series links and all seems OK. A bit of a pain, though. Hopefully, by the spring there'll be new software to fix this :rolleyes:




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since the clocks changed my series links were an hour out so i deleted them and put them in again now after it has recorded the program the new seris link created just comes up searching.... and i have to deleate it and put it in again :mad:


I spotted this however I have the correct times now on the EPG, but the times quoted in the Sky+ planner are an hour ahead. But the programmes still record when they should eg West Wing was broadcast on Sunday at 8pm, planner said it was on a 9pm, but it still recoreded it OK at 8pm.


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The planner items with +1 hour declared were created before the clocks went back. However, they DO record at the correct time. Any shows set to series link will show up correctly on the planner once the first post-timechange episode is recorded.
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