EPG Please Wait has returned


I haven't seen this reported elsewhere but the dreaded EPG Waiting For Information has returned over Xmas on my Humax.
The old trick of entering Schedule then Red Button no longer works and I waited over 5 minutes with the "Please Wait for receiving Broadcast Information..." and had to give up.

Any ideas on how to deal with this?


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Happened to me yesterday as well :confused:

A freesat tune with no save then pressing guide to fill the epg restored normal service :D

The epg wasn't full in the morning so may be some sort of glitch the previous night with the epg refresh.

It's OK today.

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Yes can happen anytime! Please see my post where humax admit to the problem! You can't do the scan when it locks but a turn off and on seems to fix it?


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My EPG locked today but I was able to do a re-tune without restart and all seems ok now

Seems to be a major problem by the number of machines "infected" :rolleyes:

Humax tech support are probably just hoping that nobody else notices until the next housekeeping "unfection" tonight :rolleyes:
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I just hope that everyone who has had the epg freeze rings humax! Without true numbers they will not move there ass very quickly !!
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