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hi all new to all this need some guidance oh great ones .After returning a sony rp tv due to poor picture i have been left not knowing what to do i have looked in to more rp tvs also plasmas lcd .i now think pj is the way to go .i don't no a great deal about them but have picked up some reading the great post on this site.i am very happy with my tv for watching normal tv but would like something speical for watching movies on dvd and using my ps2 mabe the odd film on cable.i already have a sony RDR-GX700 dvd recorder with 12 bit 108mhz precision cinema progressive.rgb in and out.But dent know how to get the best out of it i olso have a sony ht-k25 home theater system which i find i get a great sound from.
i will try to put a attachment of the lay out of the room and places i plan to put the pj eny advice on layout i would be very graetfull . I would like to know if the distances would work the seated area is raised 7 inches highter than the area for the screen don't know if this would make eny diffrence.The surround sound speakers are already raggeld into wall and mounted so dont want to move them but will have to change them to suit the veiwing position of the pj screen.The room is mostly white would this cause a problem .dont really want to mount pj in ceailing as room has just been decorated but would redecorate if i had to as i am a decorater .I have good control over the light in the room i have down lighters in the ceiling and black blinds on both windows i plan to put screen over one window.eny advice on screens welcome as ive not looked in to screens much .I have a buget of about £1300 to £1400 would need pj cabels and screen .to be honest eny advicewould be very helpfull sorry for the long thread probably not the last.thanks


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