Entry Level Receiver with RGB to HDMI Conversion


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Im looking for an entry level £150 - £250 receiver that will do RGB to HDMI conversion so I wont have to run another cable to my TV for my Wii. My Brother In Law just purchased the Yamaha RXV371 and that does not do it so rules that one out. I have a Sony Bravia TV so one of the Sony amps would make sense, can anybody offer some advice please on an amp capable of doing this?



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You refer to a RGB cable. Do you mean via SCART RGB.
You can get AV amps which will convert component to HDMI. If your WII uses a Scart cable then dump it no matter what for a component cable, far better resolution and picture.


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There is no receiver in your budget range that has up conversion. It is a feature only seen on higher end models unfortunately. If you want it you are going to have to increase your budget or wait a few months to see if you can get one on discount when the new models for 2012 are released.


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when i say RGB i refer to component which as stated above is far better for the wii, i was hoping not to have to run another cable but if I cannot get one to convert to HDMI I will have to add a component cable from AMP to TV


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£280 will get you a Denon AVR1912 which can convert analogue inputs to HDMI, but lacks any upscaling abilities:

Denon AVR-1912 AV Amplifier

This would allow you to input component from your Wii and output it as HDMI from the amp to a display.

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