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Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by House Song, May 6, 2005.

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    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help, if possible... I'm after an entry level (circa £200?) PVR with Freeview. Features I'm keen on are:

    - capacity doesn't have to be huge
    - full 7 day+ EPG
    - dual tuners so I can watch one digital channel whilst recording another
    - archivable to my VCR
    - quality picture and sound
    - generally user-friendly
    - can I also watch freeview in the other room (i.e. on 2 TVs, rather than watching a 2 separate channels)?

    I've had a look at Which?'s guide - they reckon the Thomson DHD4000, Humax PVR8000T-80 (not dual tuner) and DigiFusion FVRT100 (lesser EPG) are the best ones.

    Any suggestions over and above these models? And, more importantly, feedback on what these devices are actually like to own/use.

    Also, my wife's not convinced we need a PVR (over a VCR), so I need to know about as many cool functions/features (e.g. can we edit out the adverts?) as possible so I can sell her on the idea!

    Thanks a lot for your help
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    Argos have just started selling the Sagem PVR6240T - for 129 quid. Also, it isn't excluded from their 16 day returns policy (like the Digifusion FRT 150 :confused: ) so I guess you could give it an audition and return if you're not happy.
    Also, I'd check out www.emsee.co.uk/pvr for an extensive review of what each PVR does (and more importantly doesn't :eek: )

    Finally on the wifey front :( , once they've experience the benefits and ease of use of a PVR (over a VCR) there's no looking back - buying a PVR was one of my best ever investments :thumbsup:

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