I am looking for an entry-level music system, that is with Integrated Amplifier + floor standing speakers
someone can advise me for combinations that are available in India worth 70K INR

-- Motorized volume control prefered.
-- bass to be handled well without a subwoofer.
-- Digital inputs are not mandatory.

Thanks in advance.


£700 is pushing it for floorstanders and a amplifier, I'd be looking at standmounts or second hand floorstanders.

What brands are available in your country?


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A good starter would be something like:

  • Denon PMA-600NE & speakers like:
    • Polk Monitor XT60 or XT70 or
    • Q Acoustics 3050 or
    • Cambridge Audio SX80
There are also a few other speakers which would be close in price, but most likely your best bet will be to find a package deal from one of your local stores or internet retailers.

However there is another option you should seriously consider which will likely give substantially better sound at your budget: a decent streamer/preamp and a set of active monitors. This is a MUCH MUCH better way to spend around £700.

For example:
  • Yamaha WXC50
    • Pair of JBL 308P MKII Studio Monitor & stands. or
    • Pair of ADAM Audio T7V Studio Monitor & stands.


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There's a user called Newlash / Newlash09 that's been active on UK based hi-fi forums for a few years now. He's based in India. He seems like a really nice chap. He has come a long way in the last 6 years.

He started out with mainstream dealer based hi-fi. He's graduated to DIY projects. He's a lot happier with the sound per pound since he went DIY.

Would you be interested in a simple DIY project that offers fantastic sound for the money and would be well under your budget?

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