Entry bookshelf speakers for "low volume", any options?



Hello everybody, i need some bookshelf speakers for mostly "low volume" listening and my budget is limited...
There are various UK speakers available here but this capability is not tested in reviews and for me is very important (i listen mostly in the evening/night and live in a flat).
Can anybody recommend one of these for "low volume" listening or give me some other options (with similar price)?

My current list of options:
Mordaunt-short 902i, 912
Monitor Audio BR1, BR2, RS1
Wharfedale Diamond 9.1, 9.2
Kef iQ1, iQ3
Epos ELS3, M5

I know these are entry level speakers, but I'm not audiophile (yet :) ).
Thank you for your help (sorry for my English)


I also live in a flat so don't listen at ear-splitting volumes but after switching from a bass heavy speaker cable to a more balanced one I'm more than satisfied with the clarity of my new speakers (B & W DM 601 S3) at moderate volume. Since you don't want a big sound I think you would be better going for smaller speakers, but there may be some compromise on sound. The Q Acoustics 1010 or Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom are highly rated, although I can't comment on them myself, having not heard them.

Best thing to do is to audition some and ask the dealer to turn the volume down to see how they sound. Don't forget to take your own music along. I forgot mine but got lucky as they had some dance cds in store. :)

If you can't find anything suitable then you may be better off investing in a decent set of headphones, then you could listen as loud as you like. :D


Thank you Robotix.
I will add Tannoy F1 to my list, i used to have M3's long time ago but they were not good for "low volume" as i remember.
I also plan to buy some decent cable but the speakers first :)
The problem is there are different dealers for different brands here so i cant do direct comparison. I want to select a few decent candidates from the list and then go for demo. The first should be Monitor Audio.
No worry, I already have my HD595's connected, but i really want speakers :D


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What about the Triangle Titus? Probably any in the range will be suited too (there is a smaller brother, and a bigger too).
This review is rather old, there is a new model of the titus now, but I guess they could only improve it, right?


I have listened to both its smaller and bigger brothers, and they are very good. I almost buy the small ones, but I finally decided for Castle, since they have a more relaxed sound (and I am getting the center "Keep 2" in matching Mahogany veneer soon :clap:). I found out I am rather sensitive to high freqs., so I enjoy more loudspeakers with some roll-off up there.

I hope this helps!



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I havnt heard all the models you mention, but if low level listening is on the list the Monitor Audios tend to do well in this regards.....i guess because they are fairly clinical and fast this translates in to them punching the air harder for the given volume so at lower levels its still travelling further more intact....

it might be something else, as i say i'm guessing thats the science behind it (albeit in a more laymans terms way.....because i'm a layman...lol), but my theory seems sound (scuse the pun) to me :D

anyhow, definitely worth considering :)


Thank you guys :), finally i have some interesting candidates (MA RS1 & Triangle Stella/Titus Es), i have to look for them around here and arrange a demo. Both look very promising, i'm a little bit more towards MA because Triangle is hard to find (but i'll try), french speakers are very hard to find here compared to english.


So i made my choice, Monitor Audio S1 work perfectly for me :clap:
Not cheap but very good for my Teac microsystem, sounds more alive than my HD595 headphones. Bass is defined and controlled.
And they can really play at low volume (about 10 of 64 on my scale) :thumbsup:


Did you try the triangle?

No, there is no dealer of Triangle here or in cities around, i tried but no luck. I also read that triangle speakers are not shielded what could be a problem for me (one of the speakers should be near the TV).

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