Enterprise - Getting better or not?


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What do you think of Season 3 of Star Trek Enterprise? I personally think it's BRILLIANT! My Dad hates the new music for the intro. I think it's cool. The way Archer's going, he'll have no crew members left with what happened in the last episode. So is that insect and aquatic thing other species of Xindi? I think that makes a complete set. Humanoid, Reptile, Primative, Insect and Aqautic. Yup, fits if you ask me. I hope that Archer gets Malcolm to upgrade the pitiful excuses for Phaze Pistols so much that they'll be able to stand a chance against the Xindi. I mean... Did you see their weapons!? About 10 crew members were killed that episode!

EDIT: Just checked the official site and it seems that the primitive form of Xindi is called Xindi-Sloth. So if you talk about Xindi, say the species of it.

its star trek how can it get better
they find a planet
they investigate
some get captured
extras die
they escape
how the hell has it lasted so long (not a fan)


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I dunno how it's lasted so long. All I know is that Enterprise is getting better. But I am a fan.


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To be honest kiddo I haven't watched it since the pilot from the first series. I can never remember the channel or the time it was on.

If it was on at midnight on sky one like Voyager used to be i'd watch it all the time. I'm always busy at 6pm or 7pm with my hectic student lifestyle :rolleyes:


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well I agree that the show is pretty good at the moment, hope it continues.

still dont like the theme tune even though they have picked up the tempo...

Joe Pineapples

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i've always enjoyed my weekly slice of life aboard a starship, wether much goes on or not. But they definelty seem to have upped the tempo this season - and not just the music (though i actually prefered the older music). So i'm very happy with this season so far (a fan ;)


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I think this season is better as well, but the intro song is just plain bad.


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I have seen all the episodes currently released in the states. Believe me, it gets a lot better and quite a bit darker.....


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I have watched all episodes so far in the UK, and I don't know why people don't like it. Some are better than others , but I look forward to each one.
As far as getting better, it probably is in my opinion.(fan)


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Yep, I know it gets a lot darker. Yeah, last season's intro music is better. Enterprise is on Sky 1 at 8:00pm on Mondays. It's also on Sky 1 Mix at the same time on Tuesdays. I've looked at the official site and all I can say is that it gets VERY better!


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Yeah I really enjoy Enterprise. I'm glad the the Star Trek franchise is still going for so long. Generations was superb. DS9 was not for me. Enterprise is getting better with the current storylines.

Just think if there was no star trek what so ever!, its filled the void left by dr who all those years ago, in terms of a sci-fi show, that i want to see every week.

How is Enterprise doing in US, is it going strong, or will it be replaced?.



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Yeah my friend heard that rumour but it's not true. DS9 did not appeal to me either. Voyager and TNG did though.


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I have watched a lot of the US season 3 eps now (love that 1mb internet baby) and it's getting better and better. T'Pol looks hotter and hotter now she's ditched her grey catsuit, and Archer definitely seems to be colder; more hell bent on his mission, a la Picard in First Contact.

Sh*te music though - up tempo version or not it just sucks!

Some very interesting eps coming up (I've seen up to S3ep12) - stick with it!


As I posted elsewhere our US cousins get it in HD as well! D'oh!

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Although the original theme song wasn't like by many, it really grew on me.

Mondays ep was the first time I had caught the start of the new series and I was gobsmacked. Is it just me or does anyone else find this new 'revamped' theme tune awful. It just doesn't sound like a star trek theme tune. I hate it. Its like a theme tune to some 70s light hearted family show!!

Enterprise is getting better though.



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I like it when the women undress and rub vaseline on each other.

Thats a really good bit.


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Re the theme tune...they did the same thing part way through DS9...added some more deep bass to the music which actually improved it. In this case though, it's pretty much ruined it.


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Hmmm, it's difficult to say they "ruined" it when it was such crap to begin with!


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The new theme tune IMO is crap, sounds like a jolly country and western song


I preferred the old Theme music but like the darker tone the show is heading into.


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Who gives a toss what the theme tune sounds like, let's just have more scenes of T'Pol getting/giving the old Vulcan massage.

And more episodes in the decontamination room. You'd think that someone in that century would have invented a procedure where you didn't have to strip yer kit off.

But so far I think this series is a belter.



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The series is brill. We see a darker side of Archer. Mind you, you'd be angry if you had half of your ship's suppiles stolen by Space Pirates and a Xindi boarding party kill 10 of your 80 man crew with the most advanced weapons you've ever seen, wouldn't you? I'd be REALLY ticked off. Plus Archer threatened to kill that Pirate by putting him in the airlock and de-pressurizing it.

Joe Pineapples

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might be an idea to edit your post and hide that info under a 'spoiler'. Luckily ive watched this episode, but there are those that only get to see Enterprise on CH4, and for them i would definetly class this as a spoiler.


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