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Entered kitt into a car wars competition


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Hey guys,
I guess you might be able to guess from the name im a bit of a knight rider nut :laugh:
Gone as far as owning a kitt replica but yet to grow the perm and hairy chest :rotfl:
I've entered the car into a car wars competition and wondered if you could add some support, feel free to add me on the old facebook to if you wish so you can check out more about the car, the goal is simple, get as many likes as you can before Christmas Eve.
The car is very audio visual related with having a full car computer installed with touch screen monitor, a set of pioneer 6x9's and an external switchable speaker both powered by a sony amplifier.
This allows the car to have speech and be able to communicate with myself via a bluetooth microphone from a distance of 10m (currrently), I talk he responds to key phrases, its great fun at shows as people think its really the car doing all the work :D

Hope you can help support a classic :smashin:

My entry: UK Club Wars Car and Crew Comp, GOOD LUCK! | Facebook

Many thanks folks


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I might be missing something, but that links to a page with a picture of a golf?


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the photo seems to be down currently which is a bit odd but it has had quite a lot of interest

Heres the original image

Edit: Doh even thats showing up as a dead link currently, attached the image that should be there!


  • edit1.jpg
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Photos back up again now :) I'm second place currently thanks those who have added a like :D


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Suspension seems a little high? 4x4 mode? ;)


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I don't use Facebook I'm afraid but I wanted to wish you good luck with your competition and hope you win mate :thumbsup::smashin::clap:

You have posted tons about your car on here and I just love it, so all the best with winning mate.


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A near stock GTR skyline :hiya::rotfl:
thanks to those who have voted so far appreciate the support, around 7 days left to go but still a few behind, not by far though! :smashin:

Re the 4x4 it might be a little deceiving the photo, here's what clearance there is


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Looks great, although I'd have to deduct a point or two on the authenticity front as, to the best of my knowledge, the real KITT never sported tyres with white writing on the sidewalls...:lesson:


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Thanks, I guess I could have the white side in ;) but I like them out :D


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Have liked it mate.

Have you ever been to the Cars of the Stars museum in Keswick? They've got a lot of old original movie and TV cars including a KITT from the TV series (although I think it was a promo car but it's got the full KITT conversion inside and out)!

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