Enter the Panasonic DMR E50...I hope !


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Just about to plump for the Panasonic E95 and see talk of possible future release in April of the Panasonic E50HS. Should I gamble on this machine becoming available then in the UK, or might it be later ???.
How much longer must I use VHS and buy those space mopping cassettes, recording good progs in crummy mode !

E50 multiformat it says on their website, DVD-RW I read elsewhere :) . I want to get recordings onto my PC and edit them in Adobe Premiere so that means capturing them onto the PC as avi, DVD-RAM may not read on my PC I am told, try it to find out but I have one day access into town to do so before sales end !! :eek:

DVD-RAM would be VR whilst DVD-R would be DVD-VIDEO which is MPEG2 and one thing I have gleaned from learning avi editing is converting MPEG2 to AVI is best avoided if quality is required.

By going digital SLR I now need to play pics on the Panasonic written from PC to a disc. No more projecting slides, real shame that as a 4ft wide image is awesome. E95 will not play JPEG CD-R so just how do I do that, can I write pics to DVD and get round it ? Hoping again that E50HS will address this issue if writing to DVD is not possible, hoping that customer feedback has been taken on board. Perhaps Multi format recording and playback includes this ?

Quick 1 second recording start sounds good, with WW2 documentarys I often see something and wish to tape it, it lasts 3 secs and with VHS I miss it. Of course I could tape entire documentary and then edit out all the unwanted bits, but that can take time.

It also says LP x2 resolution now at 500 lines, surely must be an improvement ?
Smart Wheel on handset for smooth and quick search, like on my SVHS deck, is that an improvement, how is the existing E95 handset for this ?
High speed dubbing from HDD it says, is the E95 slow ?

One thing I never knew was that DVD-RAM is 8Gb and double sided ones are 16Gb... :eek: so no need to record a long movie to two DVD-Rs, but could I play it on my PC if need be, yes occasionally I have need !

DVD-RAM best for archival longevity, known track record so I would be using that then for archiving my VHS tapes and other footage that I wanted to keep as long as poss. Will the E50 have DVD-RAM still ??

All in all I wonder if I have made the right move ? I have until end of play Friday to decide. Including go into town , get the shop to write a DVD RAM and whizz home to try it !

Playing JPEG pics on the TV might be the deciding factor or what are the options here, space disallows a DVD player only as well as the DVDR/HDD.


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