Enforcing Age ratings when streaming to 360


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Hi, I have set up tversity in the past to stream movies etc to my xbox 360, this has fallen by the wayside for various reasons and I would like to have another go at getting this set back up.

The problem I have is that I want to be able to enforce age ratings / parental controls ?) hopefully via gamertag.

I want to be able to for example let anyone watch the cartoons but only the adults watch dexter - for example.

Is this possible ?



I'm pretty sure there's no way to do it. The 360 would have to know the age ratings of each file you're streaming somehow, or you would have to organise files into folders based on "safe for the kids" and "adults only" or whatever, then the 360 would have to restrict access based on the gamertag currently logged in. I'm 99% certain that it can't do either.


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It's not possible, there is no security within UPnP/DLNA everything gets streamed.

You have to get another media player with SMB support to read PC shared folders with password protection to do what you want.
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