Enforced room layout change = no more subs… Speaker options….

Re-ran RP this evening with an 80hz crossover and it’s sounding fabulous. Glad y’all didn’t let me jump the gun and change things up radically.

I don’t think i’d have been happy with a pair of floorstanders. I definitely think high quality stand mounts and properly integrated subs are where it’s at.

Having the subs partially obscured by the sofas and not pointing straight at the MLP doesn’t seem to be a problem with the 80hz crossover. By comparison things did sound a little fuzzy and confused in the mid-bass with a 200hz crossover, although it didn’t leap out at the time.

Still intrigued by those Goldenear Tritons though…. Maybe one day if i get a proper man cave.
I don't think people can actually REALLY understand what being unable to sit in any position for more than ten minutes without excruciating pain is like. I'm like that too and really sympathise with you. Even standing I move my body constantly into what must look like very strange positions and I am always spilling stuff on myself. It's a proper bummer and I have had to put up with it since I first got chronic arthritis at 26. It's not a 'glory' illness and people will tell you that they think they might have it because their finger hurts or 'oh my nan had that' so don't know (and I am glad they don't) understand that sometimes it's so gnawing you want to scream. Just about the best thing I have ever bought was an ex-demo Tempur electric bed with two new Tempur cloud elite mattresses. A word of warning though, buy one and you'll never want to get out of it ever again! Anyway, just wanted to wish you well.

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