Energy Take Classic 5.1 - as good as the reviews say?


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Hi all,

Per the title of the thread, does anyone have firsthand experience with the Energy Take Classic 5.1? No stores in my area sell these, so I have been unable to test them myself. I have been all over the internet (CNET, Amazon, Vanns, etc.) and I cannot seem to find a bad review. In fact, you would think at least one audiophile would have tried these speakers and not been impressed. One reviewer went so far to say that these are the best speakers under $1000.

Ironically, the only thing that is deterring me is the low price (which is supposed to be a GOOD thing) and I wonder if I'm in the psychological trap that more expensive always equals better. I can get this speaker set brand new for $350 to $400. In contrast, the other speakers I'm looking at are Definitive Technology brand, which would cause me to spend more like $600 to $1000 (depending on what I put together). The lower price would definitely make the Mrs. happier. :)

Other things to note:
  • This is my first surround sound system. I am not an audiophile. However, seeing how quickly I became a TV snob after I bought my first HDTV, I'm guessing this will change quickly. :D
  • I will be purchasing one of the new Denon 1910 receivers to go with the speakers.
  • I would say the usage for the speakers will be 30% video games (PS3) and 70% movies/TV shows.
  • The room is 17.5 ft. X 14.5 ft., but the TV/couch are set up on one side of the room (9 ft. X 14.5 ft. area). See the picture below.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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I have a set running off a Sony STR DB830 amp and must have had them for over 10 years. I've not had a moments bother with them and although I've not compared them to anything else they work perfectly well and for the size/cost etc I can't imagine you can do much better.

So a thumbs-up from me.....


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I've had these speakers for the best part of a month now and they are powered by an Onkyo 507 amp.

I use them mainly for viewing TV/DVD and I couldn't be more pleased, the sound is crisp and clear with plenty rumble from the sub to enhance action sequences and also delicate enough for the quieter moments.

Although not that well known here in the UK I found them at Richer Sounds for £300.00 and can highly recommend them......just "Google" to find excellent reviews and for my first foray into "Home Cinema" I couldn't be more please and think it will be a long time before I consider any sort of upgrade :thumbsup:.


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I am no expert but vs my old system these speakers really shine especially for vocal or accoustic sounds.

I put on a bit of Maynard Fergerson and really cranked it up, the trumpet sound was sooo amazing and clear, like Mr Fergerson was standing right there. Then onto Blood Sweat and Tears for some horns, and again the clarity and pitch was fantastic.

I have only really had a proper demonstation with music, as I do not have the speakers set up surrounding me, as they are all up front, but jeez they sound fantastic!!

Even when hearing music play on a friends very exspensive PMC speakers and £3000 denon amp my little budget effort holds it's own.

I really really recommend these speakers, little jems they are and I am suprised more members do not have them to be honest.


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Hello Experts --

I am at a loss to figure out how to compare these Energy speakers to my old Onkyo.

The Onkyos have 2 5.25" mids and a 1" tweeter -- I can't find other specs for them.

The Energys have a 3" woofer and a .75" tweeter. The Energys have a 115Hz-20KHz Frequency Response.

So, in comparing speakers, what weight is the fact that the Onkyos, for example, have larger and more speakers?

What criterion can one look for in specifications to determine which speakers are "better"

Thank you!


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The Energy Take Classic 5.1 arent the same as the original Energy Take 5.1 or 5.2 speakers. I used to own the older Take 5.2 set and they were great, very detailed and clear.

I recently purchased the Take Classic 5.1 set from RS and was very dissapointed. The treble was rolled of at the top end compared to the original Take 5.2 and they didnt have the same level of clarity and the sub is completely different. I actually took them back.

To be fair the Take Classic 5.1 are cheaper than the older models but you need toi be aware when reading reviews that the Classics are different from the original Take 5.1 and 5.2 sets

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