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Feb 7, 2003
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I have mangaged to track down some Energy Take 5.1 speakers. I have decided not to purchase the 8.2 subwoofer because i believe that my BKXLS200 is better.

I will be replacing my current Small Satellite speaker (yamaha NSP220) with the Energy Satellites

The Polk site recommends the following config:
That the Fronts are set to Large,
That 'NO' subwoofer is specified,
The Sub is connect to the Amp via the Hi Level inputs
and that the Subwoofers Crossover is used instead of the Amps

See Below

However the common point of view is:
That the Fronts should be set to Small,
That a Subwoofer is specified.
The Sub should be connected with a Phono lead,
and the amp should control the crossover:eek:

What do you all think?
Have any of you used the Energy Take 5.1 package with an alternative subwoofer?
I have take 5's. And a Definitive Technology sub. Briefly, I also borrowed a REL Quake.

All the satellites are "small", and the sub is connected by a single RCA cable from the low-level sub output on my Denon 3801. And it is at the back of the room.

Reason for phono cable choice? Much, much easier to reposition the sub with a single phono cable driving it than L&R speaker in & outs (4 cables minimum). And the position of the sub will, IMHO have a much, much greater effect on the sound than any minor differences with crossovers.

It works for me - what else can I say? The REL was a better job than the DefTech I have.
I used to own some Mirage Sats which I later upgraded for some Mirage floorstanders - cant rememer the model but I think that the Energy versions are pretty much identical (sister brands). Good speakers - def a cut above the bose etc's of this world.

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