ENERGIZER battery charger (no topic for this)


ive had a good look and have no idea what catagory/area to post this in!

ive got the energizer ch1hr-bs

and its winding me up

ive got duracell & energizer 2500mAh rechargables and they are all flat

i put them in the charger and 3 of them just flash (the red light above the battery) and the other flat batterie stays red

so its a fst charger (1 hour) but then they stay that way and the 1 that was staying red has now turned off meaning its charged

so what does it mean when the light just flashes

its ment for any battery type and aaa or aa size

any ideas before i launch it through the nearest window?


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From what I can gather from the energizer website, your charger is meant for AA and AAA chargers, and a flashing red LED is indicative of either a faulty battery of faulty channel on the charger.

Bad news either way I reckon....


Rechargeable questions are best asked in the Camera section . As they use them , lots .
Ask a mod to move :smashin:


any more news or ideas?

ive had the unit for about 3 months

so is it the charger spaces or the individual batteries?


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Its hard to say without trying the batteries on another charger or new batteries with the charger

If you are unlucky, it may be both.. one having damaged the other More likely the charger killing the batteries

Either way you are probably best off chucking the whole thing away
... unless you want to hedge bets that its the batteries...If it isnt, the charger will kill any new batteries you use with it:eek:

TBH , this kind of failure is very unusual but not unheard of


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If you put different batteries in it, and the lights still flash, it's the charger. If you put different batteries in it and everything works OK, then it's the batts at fault.

john key

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I've got one of these (fast charger with 3 sets of 2500mAh AAs) to use in my Canon 30D (with grip) and 580EX Speedlite. They were brand new from Maplins, and I charged them exactly according to the instructions. Straight out of the charger, no problem. Leave them in the camera, and after about a week they're as flat as a pancake even if I haven't used the camera. Is this normal?


john, due to the chemical reaction of the composition of the new type of rechargable batteries they will discharge themselfs very quickly

a normal duracel battery will last for literally years but a fully charged rechargable will die after a few weeks

espically if they are in a warm place as that speeds up the discharge

to my problem

sems i had the wrong mains charger plugged in!

spent a virtual life time in "the box of wires n death" looking for my old 24hr charger and found an "energizer" branded mains charger plug (as the unit and plug are seperate units) and then plugged this in and now its all working ok again!

so thanks for all your help and in turn i hope ive helped john with his

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