Enable vobsub subtitles in DLNA videos?


I expect this would require a software update from LG, but I figured I'd ask anyway.
I have old-school anime files on a DLNA server. These videos have VOBSUB-style subtitles, where the subtiles are in video form, not text. Newer videos use subtitles in SRT, SSA or ASS format.

My LG TV, an OLED77C9AUB, will render the subtitles with the newer formats, but does not seem to even recognize subtitle tracks in VOBSUB format. Is there any way to correct this? My TV has software version 05.00.03



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1. Server side subtitle transcoding (maybe Plex can do it).

2. Manually convert the PGS (DVD/VOB) subtitles into SRT.

3. Try looking for matching SRT subs on opensubtitles.
As far as I'm aware, LG televisions have never offered support for 'graphics based' VobSub' or PGS subtitles, they only support 'text based' subtitles, primarily being SRT and SSA/ASS.

There might be various sites on the internet that offer SRT subtitles for various movies, even 'old school' animes ;)

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