emp tw10h and toshiba sd150e


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Just got an Epson TW10h (£468.00 from oyyy.co.uk)and all i can say is WOW.Now this is my first PJ and a budget one at that but i think the picture this piece of kit throws out is superb.

I have also purchased a Toshiba sd150e (£39.00) and was wondering if anyone could tell me what the best possible picture "setting" is.I'm a bit new to all this progressive scan and interlaced stuff.I have it connected to component.



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set the player to output progressive scan, in the set up menus and you should be sorted.


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callipo said:
Done that, but do i have to change the settings on the PJ?
Nope, if u select menu on your remote & scroll down the selections it should tell you that it is outputting @ 480P ( for NTSC) or 520P (for PAL), assuming the 150e supports both

I haven't got my Epson switched on at the mo, but i know it shows u via the remote, as long as u are getting a picture via component, & u don't have composite/s-video leads connected between the 2, then u should be seeing the best picture


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