Emotiva BasX PT-100 vs Yamaha WXC-50 -your (informed) opinion?


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Hi All,

Thanks in advance for reading this post- it will be long because I want to provide as much info as possible in order to get the best advice.

I need an advice on a pre-amp/DAC, hopefully someone here has the knowledge.

I am trying to add a sub to a pair of powered speakers- Dynaudio Xeo10.

I have read multiple articles on how to integrate a sub into 2-speaker system, but none of those suggestions matched my system, so here I am.

Background: I went with powered speakers in hope to keep the things simple: in my basement, I got an LG 50" TV and Roku Ultra streamer.

Both TV and Roku have optical outputs. TV also has a headphone output.

The speakers have optical, line and 3.5mm (headphone jack type) inputs, but no output.

Currently I am feeding the speakers directly off the Roku's optical output (I could have used TV's optical output without any major signal change).
Everything is controlled by a Universal Remote (has learning function).

I hoped that bookshelf Xeo10 speakers would produce enough low frequencies to be used without a sub, but it turned out not to be the case, so I started considering adding a sub.
Since subs do not have optical input, I needed "something" that would allow me to input a toslink/optical line in, and get a stereo+sub line outputs.

First, I looked a cheaper DACs- below $100, but realized that they probably would not do a good job. None of the cheaper DACs had the input/outputs I needed anyway, so I kept looking.

There is Rotel RC-1572 ($1300), but I can't afford to spend that kind of money.

So, after reading multiple magazine articles and posts on different forums, I bought a MiniDSP HD 2x4 ($200). Programmed it similar to how it is shown in the manual, and tried it with the speakers and the sub.
One of the futures of MiniDSP is crossover controls on each of the line outputs, which I set to 80 Hz.

The speakers did not sound as good/clean comparing to when I used optical input directly off Roku.

In addition, the MiniDSP seemed to provide signal to the sub that was too strong- the sub was being overloaded when I increased volume on it and also increase volume on MiniDSP box. The output gain on sub line could be adjusted in MiniDSP, but I would have to re-program it.

The best-sounding combo was to use optical line out from TV to go to MiniDSP and then to use only one line out to the sub (crossed at 80 Hz), combined with the second optical line out of Roku directly to the speakers.
Which brought another problem- I would need to control speakers volume separately from the sub volume.

So I did more reading. And found Emotiva BasX PT-100 and also Yamaha WXC-50 pre-amps/DAC combos.

Both of these tick all the boxes: both have optical inputs and Line+Sub outputs. Both have physical volume control knob. Both should allow me to control volume on line outputs to the speakers and sub. Yamaha has more - wireless streaming, etc, which I do not need (at the moment).

Even though both are more money than I anticipated to spend, I (sort of) accepted the fact, since it would be a long-term investment.

In addition, the crossover control that miniDSP has, is nice to have but it is not required, because the speakers have 3-position switch, that varies bass output, depending on placement (corner, wall or freestanding), and the sub's crossover should do the rest.

Do you thing that Emotiva or Yamaha would provide better quality/cleaner output comparing to MiniDSP HD?

I hope I made my "case" clear, if not, please, ask questions.


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