Emmeti, Heatmister & Wifi with more to come.....

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    Good Morning,

    I have been lurking on the site for long time trying to read as much as i can before posting up. But i am still at a loss and i think due to reading so much i have confused myself!

    Ok a quick scope of work that is going on...... Im in the building stages of my house. I am looking to have the UFH layed in the next 2 months. The company who is fitting it has already been chosen and the manufacture of the system picked. This will be Emmeti manifold with Emmeti actuators and wiring centre.
    I have also decided to use the same approach on the radiator system upstairs, 8 port manifold, each room zoned with its own thermostat and actuator.

    Now my questions start, as im using Heatmister thermostats and Emmeti wiring centre, which thermostats do i use to enable me to use my phone and internet to change settings?

    Do i need two separate wifi units to control upstairs radiator system and another for the UFH?

    I was originally looking into using one system to control all, but im too broke after this build to use the likes of Control 4 or other companies, so i intend to fit as much cable into the house now whilst its a bare shell and when i can afford it again in the next year or so start to buy in. (Sorry this has gone off subject haha)

    Anyway, to start with i would appreciate any help if possible?


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