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Is is possible that speakers cables can pick up EMI/RFI interference from electrical wires leading to other AV equipment, also speakers cables that are situated close to electrical wall sockets?

Am not having any problems with EMI/RFI, but would it help in sound performance to have the speakers cables and electrical wires covered in EMI/RFI shielding.

My system setup the speaker wires are close to the electrical wall sockets, but would it be worth my while to spend money on shielding for the sake of nothing or peace of mind?

Would it give my system a 1% improvement?


Hi. There is no point in screening speaker cables.
Some reasons are technical so i apologise before hand.

power is developed in the speaker by a voltage and current from the cable.

for this im assuming the speaker impedance is 8ohm and is purly resistive (power changes with frequency of signal too)

a 80w speaker will need about 3.1 amp at 24.5v

this can be found from
voltage = (current)x(resistance)
power = (current)x(voltage)

You could wrap several tens of loops of cable round all the equiptment and measuse about a micro volt of picked up interferance. Putting this back in to the equation would give also about half a microwatt of power. given a speaker efficiency of 88dB/watt you would hear about a billionth of a db. Im not sure this can be measured nevermind audible.

Inshort.... dont screen speaker cable... not worth it.


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