EMERGENCY HELP! Did I break it?



Hello, I just got a sony ccd-vx3. I was under the impression that you could get rid of that circular rubbber lens hood and replace it with different filters and what not, but when I tried to remove it, the whole thing popped out and the focusing ring almost slide right out. I was sure I broke it when I then snapped it back on and screwed it back into place, it works fine but I'm afraid now all the accessories I bough for it won't work because I don't know how to take off the lens shade without breaking it again.

So my question would be, how do you swap out filters and change the hood on the ccd-vx3?

Thank You
its a bayonet fit, there may be an internal thread tot he hood for mounting filters or possibly on the lens itself (bayonet ount is outside of lens barrel, filter thread is inside, memory tells me this cam had a 52mm thread, but I last used one many moons ago)
I think you're right, there is somekind of internal ring that I think might be blocking the threads, but how do you unscrew something like that, I couldn't imagine getting fingers in there?

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