emails just dont seem to send striaght a way with outlook ?


Hi there I am running the internet side for my dads hotel. when I reply to all his emails they go in to the outbox folder and just seem to stay there for hours with out any sending. some emails will be sent straight a way but others just seem to stay there, is this normal ?

When I use my own personal email system like hotmail all emails are sent stragiht a way



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Normal? Depends on your settings. Go to:
Outlook, Tools, Options, Mail Setup, Send and Receive button.

Check that the email account is set to send and receive every x mins.

If it is, then your smtp service may be unreliable and should be showing an error in the task bar.


thanks mate decided to use the email service that came from the people who host my site 1 and 1

thanks for advcie thou :thumbsup:
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