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email control


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Mostly I've used Outlook Express and given it my POP3 details and it seems to work OK . . . although it doesn't tell me which email account the poster is using . . . (or am I not looking in the right place?). All emails just "appear" and unless they include my address in the text I cannot tell them apart. This means some of my expected emails are mixed with young family chatter, which can't be right, but they don't have an alternative address (do they?).

What I want is to give new sites (who insist on filling my In-Box) a sepaarate email address, such that they can't second-guess another ( and start filling that too)...

My incoming mail arrives so I can log-in on my old Dell, which is quite slow, but still has plenty of capacity for emails and has the advantage it will print from a WP or picture-program - my new PC won't address the old parallel printer - I've tried, even though the MBO has the LPT1 port built-in ) . . . . . so I'm forced to keep two PC's - which share the Internet connection (as well as Keyboard,. as I type this!). So I have to switch Off one, to use the Other.

Is there a "cleaner" way to do this, which can allow me to create moe email addresses like: inBoxforNewWebsite(at)myemailaccountdotcodotuk

I don't want to use big-boys services like Hotmail or Google Gmail

any ideas as to how to do this?
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Current versions of Windows don't support parallel printers so that is why you can't use your old printer. You will need one with a USB connection or keep doing what you are currently doing.

Dave Brand

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Does Outlook Express allow you to create message filters to automatically place emails in the appropriate folder? I've got filters set up in Thunderbird so that, for example, any email with "order" in the subject goes into my "purchases" folder; I've also got several filters set up to read the "from" line in incoming emails & direct them to the relevant folder. It's also set up so that my wife & I have separate inboxes, folders, etc., which group everything for our separate email accounts, so that although we have five email accounts between us we only see them as two.

As for setting up separate email accounts for every website, to the best of my knowledge, unless your ISP allows unlimited email addresses you'd have to use a third party; the number of accounts could get silly after a few years. Setting up your email client to do the job for you is the better option - if Outlook Express won't do it, change to something which will, such as Thunderbird.

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