Email confirmation from Sky - pre-order via website and not via email link = no prob

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by alistaln, Mar 27, 2006.

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    After a bout of idiocy/paranoia, call it what you will, I was a little worried that having gone direct to the website about 0815 last Friday to pre-order (and receiving confirmation from WorldPay), that I would be disqualified for not using the link that came in the email at about 0900. So I emailed them today to check...

    My question: "I pre-ordered just after the HD pre-order site went live on Friday morning at 0800, paying my £30 to WorldPay. However, I didn't go to the site using the link from the email, which arrived later that day, I went direct via the SkyHD site link. Presumably this doesn't matter and you are able to match up the pre-orders via viewing card number or similar and won't simply reject me because I didn't use the right link in the email?"

    Sky's Answer: "Thank you for your interest and feedback on Sky HD. If you have received a confirmation email from the world pay site we have received your order and will be calling you back in early April to complete your order and book an installation."

    Having seen a few people ask this same question, this might set some other folks minds at ease.

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