Emachines Er1401 buffering on 3D


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I have a Emachines Er1401 and i have recently been playing back some 3D SBS files and a number of the films buffer while playing them.

They are usually about 15gb in size but when i play normal films around this size they don't buffer. I am running XBMC via openelec and movies are on a NAS via a wired network,

Does anyone have any ideas if i need to change any settings?
Or would upgrading the RAM help (I only have 2gb at the moment)?

Any help or pointers would be great!!



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The size of the media file doesn't matter - it's the bit rate it provides that's important, 3D requires much higher bitrates than non-3D material (usually around double). I think there's a diag/debug setting you can enable on XBMC which shows the bit rate of playing media.

Your ER1401 is pretty low-powered, so check that hardware acceleration is enabled. Do the movies play OK if they're on the local disk of the ER1401 ? If they do, it points at your NAS/Network not being able to supply data fast enough.


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I haven't put anything on the hard drive, I will try and see what happens.
Will also check the hardware accelerator as haven't changed anything.

Was thinking of sticking it in the bedroom and getting something else for downstairs but looking around there only seems to be the revo, would this be able to handle the 3d files?
Or is there anything else I should be looking at? Would like to be able to run xbmc on it.



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If you're looking for something a bit more up-to-date the latest Intel NUC boxes are good. However, they're not cheap (£350 - £500 for an i3 or i5 when you've added WiFi, RAM and mSATA SSD). I don't run 3D on mine, but all will play 1080p Blu-ray with HD audio, even the low-end DN2820FYKH.

The i3 based Revo RL80s should be OK, but it may be best to ask specifically about 3D Movie capable HTPCs.


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Ok thanks, thinking probably leaving my 3d movies to my blu-ray player as happy with xbmc and my er1401 so don't think im going to mess with it for now.

Thanks for the advice though!!

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