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Does anyone know of any UK firms (online) that will be selling "Elvis 30" on DVD-Audio when it is released in a few days (10th I think). I've tried Play and vivante but no joy so far :confused: .


Matt Horne

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dvd box office has it.... just noticed it.. I am quite tempted. :)




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Amazon.fr has it for 12 quid and while I'm writing this reply I''m currently listening to it and believe me, you've got to buy it!!!

Elvis in Dolby digital 5.1 (don't have dvd-audio player) is unbelieveable!! There are also a few extras such as comparison between the original and remastered version plus out-takes from Elvis recordings

I tried ordering it from Dvdboxoffice but they never seem to have anything in stock!!


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Cheers guys,
I've just ordered it from amazon.de for 23euros. Its in stock so I should have it soon.

BTW - I know HCC reported it would be released on 10th Dec but I can't see it coming out anytime soon here due to any retailers even hearing of a release date (vivante/amazon UK).

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