elusive jap dvds.


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i was looking at some of the prices and how rare these jap dvds are .
why do they cost so much? and also .
i was always wondering why the yanks dont get as good releases?
just my taughts...

some jap lasers and dvds are silly money.
whats the highest price anyone on here saw a 2nd hand dvd go for?


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Hi Mobile 04 and welcome to the forums :hiya:

The general (doesn't always apply) answer to your question is that the Japanese releases of some discs are made limited releases, often with say a higher bitrate audio track (Juarassic Park is a good example of this) which makes it more attractive anyway to some. I dodn't know why they are limited releases - perhaps this is due to licencing constraints or something. It's then good old market forces, supply and demand etc. Hope this helps....


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thanks buddy. i notice the korean and hk releases are often better cheaper and dts also.
i think the yankie boys are floging a dead horse with a lot of there releases.

another quick topic...
happy gilmore was due out around this time . i was going to pre order it r1.
now it eighter must be pulled or somthing...
it cant be found on any of the sites.
the ratio on the 1st r1 release was full 4 x 3 and they were going to correct it as the r2 is the right ratio.
the movie is so popular. and yet had never had any extras on it , till now...


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We have collectors editions over here. However the studio may make 100,000 copies and if all 100k of them are sold they will keep making them until everyone who wants one does.

Japan has it right, they make a collectors edition, a run of say 3000 and that is it and hey ho the price goes up, a true collectors edition not the crap we get shovelled over here.

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