Eltax symphonys and SS



Am getting a Panny Px70 at the weekend (maybe / hopefully ) and need a surround sound system to go with it. The panny is about £750, but have seen a deal with the SCPT450EB home cinema system for £820 - which seems quite good for a dvd system that upscales for £70. However it doesn't have optical in - which means no surround sound for my 360.....

So Im considering a similar system with an optical in, or separates - but right now I don't have a huge amount of money: probably around £200 (but am willing to 'add on'). I have eltax symphony 8.2s which are excellent for my D&B that I play through a **** amp and my mixer (which for those that don't know, is a pre amp). The ****, cheap, (and old - bout 15years) amp is so much better than the 3 £300 amps I demo'd for a month each, about 4 years ago, so forgive me if Im a bit skeptical of new tech.

My real question is: where do I start? Should I use my eltax in my set up? I 'know' an SS amp will be worse for my *musical* audio needs, as opposed to a dedicated amp, but after demoing amps ranging between £100 to £500 (and seeing absolutely NO difference once my mixer was attached) Im dubious as to the accuracy of that assumption. I would actually be very happy to add two bookcase speakers to my floorstanding eltax (as rear speakers), + a sub + an SS amp to make a killer set up. If it will mess up the sound quality of my D&B I would be fine with biwiring another amp to the eltax for mixing. (it has 4 posts)

As you can see: Im very confused. To the point where Id buy an all in one SS system and keep my music separate (however I will need to buy a new amp in the future anyway as one channel is broken - so now is the time to consider all my options)


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