eltax symphony or logitech z 5500

Baron Von Doom

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thinking of either a set of eltax symphony speakers with a yamaha rx-v300 amp or a logitech z 5500 thx speaker set. anyone have any ideas what set to go for?
i know they are very diferent sets. i will be mostly watching sci fi and action films and listening to rock music whil the girlfriend will be listening to pop.
are there any other speaker sets at a similar price anyone could recomend?

Mr Cat

I had the 6.2 for a while - they were my first proper speaker...they weren't that bad, but my kefs do have a lot more clarity (but has a rrp of 400)...

not a bad pair for starting out with, but they do lose their value if you wanna sell them on, how much you paying for them?
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