Eltax Starlight pack or Arc Sonare?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by mr flibble, Jun 5, 2002.

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    Hi Everyone - first time post, so be gentle ;)

    I've got a Kenwood 5050 amp and a 28" JVC flatscreen TV, I'm looking at getting myself a surround sound setup.

    Sadly this is a bit constrained by two factors - room size and budget. I've been looking on Richer Sounds, as well as other retailer sites and came across these two packages:

    Eltax Starlite 5.1

    Arc Sonare

    Now - the Starlite is going to cost me around £120, whilst the Sonare is going for 99.99 from Miller Brothers. At the minute I'm tempted by the Sonare, the flat panel design certainly appeals as it should be fairly unobtrusive in our living room (a big factor - has to get wife-approval you see ;) )

    I've read a couple of reviews - one said it was 'OK', but a little dissapointing - so I'm looking for some user recommendations - can anyone here help me out?

    Many thanks!

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