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I am hoping this weekend to buy my first 5.0 setup - I already have a sub.

I have a limited budget and the Eltax range seems a good bet to buy from. I can afford the Matrix, SIlverstone, Silverado, Cinemaxx and the Mirage 5.0 systems. I would like it in a beech colour so that rules out the Silverado system. The Cinemaxx does seem to be the best system of these - does anyone have any opinions?

Also the Cinemaxx comes with bipolar speakers are these as good as what they say or are they simply lying to sell more expensive speakers?

Thanks for any help.


I dont like Eltax speakers. Most of the ones I have heard are nasty, with splashy treble and boomy, muddy bass.

What about the Wharfedale Diamond set, I think you can get a set for £300, and they are nice speakers.


Yes, I'm afraid that many of Eltax low end models do leave a little to be desired.

One exception I thought (and there may be others) was the older Liberty 5+ (with the black drivers), which, while not perfect, were very good IMO for the £100 RS were asking for them (not heard the mk2 verison with the silvery drivers - may sound the same for all I know).
My b-in-law bought a pair of these a few yrs back, having demoed them against Mission 702e and Tannoy M3. (I thought they actually sounded very similar to the M3s, but for less money).

The Liberty centre (older version) wasn't too bad either for the price (I think it was on offer for £80 back then).

Having said all that, Eltax are certainly inexpensive for some things - Maplin (yes!!) had a set of mini sats and a mini-sub on offer a few weeks back for £70. I didn't hear it, so I can't comment in terms of what it sounded like, but £70 all in :eek: - I suspect it may not be that good, but it may well sound better than your typical bedroom portable TV!

Do get a listen though - you may find your chosen package performs fine for you, considering the price.
Don't overpay though, especially when, as was previosly said, the Wharfedale Diamond 3 pack can be bought for £300.


I may sound a prat saying this but what does splashy treble mean?

Or muddy bass?

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