eltax speakers desperate for opinions


i got some eltax floorstanders from ebay for 60 pounds as they seemed such a bargain(millenium power towers) however im thinking i might have made a mistake as i have a decent harmon kardon avr that cost 330
im yet to hear how they sound, what do you reckon to eltax speakers and how much should i spend if i want to get a better sound from my amp, richer sounds have some kef cresta 10's for 80, how would these compare . i could move the eltaxs to my bedroom and get some better speakers or would i be wasting money i also have some eltax mini rears that seemed a good deal from richer sounds for 30, aesthetically they look like the mordaunt shorts but will the sound be much worse? also is there any benefit and is it possible to biwire speakers to an amp that doesnt have dual binding posts?


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I have classic LR 6.5 Eltax speakers hooked up to a £650 HK amp and all sounds lovely.

Ignore the cost of the components. Only YOUR ears can tell you if the combination works.



Not too sure on your speaker models, although I've had some Eltax floorstanders for the last 10 years, they are very good and yes they came from richersounds.
I have these connected bi-wired, some say it doesn't make any difference, I'm 50/50 on this, as mine are connected to a cambridge c500 & p500 pre and power amp that has seperate speakers terminals... although somewhere down the line, they are all using the same power supply:rolleyes: if you bi-amped them, then you'd notice an improvement.

I think it only matters what you think about your system, if you like it build round it, don't get caught up on the hifi holy grail!

Personally, I think it's best to spend more money on your source item... CD/DVD player, then interconnects, amp and lastly speakers... as in reverse order your £1000 speakers will show up the imperfections of your £25 maplin CD players...

...anyway that's my take, see what the others say.

whatever you buy, enjoy it

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If your amp does not support BiWiring then the only difference would be that you are running twice the thickness of speaker cable.

Someone else may be able to comment on any effects of the resistance of the speaker.

Like you said the Eltax speakers were a bargain. The Kef are 33.33% more expensive, so they should be better speakers, as I would like to think that at this price range we are no where near the law of diminishing returns.

I have listened to many different ranges of Eltax speakers, I have some at home and a few of my friends have some different ones. At one time Eltax speakers were also sold in Currys.

In my opinion Eltax speakers generally, look very impressive - like you said a bit like MS speakers. However when you get up close they start to show their price, eg. poor finishing, weak cabinets, light weight, poor stick on viynl finnish, etc.

I think that you will be more than happy with the Eltax, try them out for a while and if you dont like them sell them. Speakers sound different in different environments, not to mention everyone hears things differently.

In terms of sound I think the Eltax speakers will go louder than the Kef and will give more deep bass. In fact I would proberly say that they will produce to much bass and it will end up being overpowering and boomy. I would imagine that the Kef would give a more precise & natural sound although Ive never herd them.

The Kef are easier to drive due to their 90db sensitivity.

Overall I dont think you will be dissapointed with the quality of the speakers for the money. Like you said you can always use them in another room or for rears.


thanks for your replies guys, im sometimes a little to eager to find bargains and want them for that reason, like just now i was looking at some q acoustic 1030 speakers on rebelio for 130 pounds, everywhere else theyre 230, im glad you mentioned getting a better cd player instead, i think ill go for the cheapest harmon kardon i can find
There are a good few bargains on ebay, but theres also some overpriced tat. Personally, id rather get some oldish quality speakers, than some brand new so-so speakers.

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I've owned a few eltax speakers and always found them to be very good in terms of quality vs price. Obviously if you're comparing to speakers that cost a lot more, it wouldn't be a very fair comparison.
If the rears you are talking about are the Eltax Waves, i used a pair as stereo speakers for my computer and was pleased. The looks are fantastic, and for the money i thought they were excellent.

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