Eltax Speaker Problem - Sound from top of speakers only

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by JayK1631, Sep 2, 2005.

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    Aug 18, 2005
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    Hope you guys can help or shed some light on a problem I’ve got with some speakers:

    Kit Details:
    Denon Avr-2801 Amp
    Yamaha NSP-100 5.1 Speaker package with Sub
    2 x Eltax Symphony 6 – Floor Standing speakers
    2 x Mission 710 Speakers (spare)

    The amp and Yamaha speakers are all connected and work fine in my lounge. I have a second set of cable running from the amp to my dining room where I wanted to place the 2 Eltax speakers. I know the amp can deal with this – there are more than enough out puts and it has a Speaker A+B option.

    So – I connected the Eltax speakers and there was no sound what so ever, checked the Speaker A+B switching etc. still no sound. I then saw that the Eltax speakers have 2 sets of negative and positive connections. I had connected up to the bottom set. So, I then moved to the top positive and negative connections – and I had sound, to a degree.

    The sound is ONLY coming from the top third of the speaker (the tweeter?) - and this is for both the speakers. I decided to play about a bit to troubleshoot and connected my spare Mission speakers up where the Eltax were – and I had perfect sound!

    I then took the Eltax speakers into the lounge and connected them where the 2 front Yamaha speakers were – and I had the same problem – sound only from the top third of the speaker!

    I started to read up on the web and stumbled across bi-wiring and stuff and so connected the speakers back to the amp on the top positive and negative connectors – and then used a bit of speaker cable to join the two positives and two negatives together – STILL no change! Been at this for a couple of days now – doing my head in.

    The Speakers ARE 2nd hand and the previous owner said they were working fine – but he had not used them for months!

    Are they broken? Can they be fixed?


    Hope I have given enough information – and thanks for reading

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    Jan 29, 2005
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    you said you tried this, but ill clarify to start with.

    the two sets of terminals need to be connected (ie bottom black to top black and bottom red to top red) then you can put the main speaker wire in the bottom set of black/red, ensuring the other bits of wire stay connected.

    It sounds like the previous owner had them biwired, and took off the plates that connect the posts together, if you have spare speaker wire you can try biwiring them (run a second bit of speaker cable from the same output on the amp to the top binding posts)

    If the treble is working then its unlikely you've blown anything, because the bass driver will be much harder to blow. Make sure you never connect to just the top or just the bottom binding posts in the future, as all the power will then go to the corresponding driver(s) where it would usually be split.

    If it still doesnt work, you might of blown something. Turn the volume low, and connect to the bottom set of posts, and play something bass heavy (anything will do but bass heavy will be easier) The remainder of the drivers should work, but not the top third. If at some point all the drivers have worked just not all at once, then im stumped, it might be some internal wiring problem.

    let us know how you get on

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