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Hi To All

I see in Currys / Commet they have the Jupitor One specker systum for under £100.00 from Eltax ,

The answer I'am looking for are they any good for the Money in turms of sound etc . They look ok and for under £100.00 .

The syserm would need a sub ? ? ,

So please advise Yes or No for the money

:D :confused: :D
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I bought the set recently and am very impressed for the money.

Demo'd systems including

Celestion AVP305 (£800)
Elac Cinema 2 (£500)
Kef Eggs (£800)
B&W (603's) (£1200)

But bought the Eltax to allow me to save for more, but will now probably not bother as although the B&W's were better I'm not sure that they were 1100 quid better (for my ears at least)!

Bass is pretty good (Matrix / Gladiator have some good rumbles) but a sub would give it that extra punch. A nice addition though, but not essential.

The speakers say they are 4-8 ohm on the back, my amp (Pioneer VSX-859) is set to 6 Ohm and still needs the volume set to -20 to get medium high volume levels (Not sure if that is the amp or speakers) so be aware that they might be quite hard to drive.

Don't be surprised when the Amp gets hot.

All in all I am very impressed.

Hope that helps,

PS Post back your thoughts on your eventual purchase.

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