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Feb 24, 2004
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Hi folks,can anyone give me opinion/details of the new Eltax Nova.
I have seen it at my local Richer Sounds outlet but not seen/heard it in action and for the price it has a lot going for it-:
dts/dd 5.1
dsp modes
50watts per satellite,80w subwoofer
rds tuner with 50 presets
dolby pro logic 2
jpeg discs
multi region
mp3 player
rgb scart,svideo,composite
aux inputs

All for £149.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Must be a bargain for all this??

Any views appreciated especially from those who have experienced it in action.Are there any reviews available??

Just noticed your post after I had posted a similar question (doh)

I too am thinking of getting this piece of kit, but it sounds too good to be true at the price.

Don't suppose you have found any independant reviews yet?
Hi there,
I have finally gone ahead and purchased this dvd player plus subwoofer and speakers, all for £149.99 at Richer Sounds!!!

My god what a performance!! Its grade A in every category,it plays every disc I've got and cd's sound fantastic.

Its best at DTS/Dolby digital dvd's,the sound really is excellent and the features go on and on,I found that adjusting the system in the set up mode and also pitching each speakers sound level gave optimum performance the way I like it,but hey?? it was great out of the box with the factory settings as well.

YES!!!!!! I definitely reccomend this to any one.
If ther is anyone who has this player or has any questions about it,please feel free to use this thread!!

Glad to hear you are happy with you system

Took the plunge myself yesterday and ordered one from RicherSounds for pickup today

My only concern was why it was relativeley cheap for what you get, and could not find any reviews anywhere

Feel more confident now at least one person has some experience (unless your real name is Richer!!!)

I hope to enjoy it as much as you
The reason there are no reviews is quite simply this model has only been on the market approx 5 weeks.Hopefully there will be a few soon???
Does it work for normal tv shows as in surround sound using all speakers for like friends on c4 or startrek or the music channels like TMF or The Hits?

Or is it just surround sound for the dvds?

As im after somit that can do both and has some settings like Cinema/Hall/.... like amps provide, u know different sound effects to suit different things u watch also.
Yes!! It does have aux input so I have connected my sky unit to it and can get surround sound,but you can connect your tv to it instead and get surround if you prefer.

As for different surround modes, ie dsp type thing-You can get different modes like concert,living room,hall,bathroom(whatever that is),cave,Arena,Church,Music,Movie.

So yess it does that too, did I mention pro logic "2",because it has this as well and plays mp3 and jpeg discs!!
Go for it or better still auction one at your nearest dealer!
Is there anything is doesn't do and can it hook up to a vcr so i can use surround sound on my nomrmal tapes?
It has aux input x 1,so you can connect anything you want.
It doesn't have component video out,but then I didnt need it.
For £150.00 you really cant moan,this is as good as its going to get for this price range and multi region out of the box as well,I think the best thing for U is to see one working-arrange a demo @ your local retailer/Richer sounds and judge it for yourself,but I was sold it on recommendation from staff at Richer Sounds after showing them interest in a more expensive brand,they told me to try it out and if I was'nt happy then they would replace it with the more expensive one I originally wanted with the difference in price,but you know what???It sounds and performs better!!!!
Not had time to set up my system yet, but one thing that dissapointed was the lack of optical out.

The Eltax site blurb said it had one, so did the details at Richer sounds, but when I got it home there was just the coaxial out.

Did yours have this, or have they changed the spec

(This was why I did not purchase the Eltax Spirit which was £30 cheaper)

It is not vital, but I had hoped to use this link to record onto my sony minidisc.

It looks well impressive and although the satellite speakers are quite small they are heavy and solid.

If the sound quaility matches the build I will be well impressed.
Can you also configure it to play sound from a video recorder source, as the manual only shows a CD input, and can you also get sound from the tv (does the scart send sound both ways!!!) if so, how could you set this up
I've connected my sky unit to the aux input and it works,I suppose you could connect your tv this way as well,although my tv is a 12 yr old panasonic and so I cant connect it as it (tv) doesnt have audio out.This means you can connect your vcr to the aux as well,I did experiment with mine and it worked,but then I dont really watch tapes anymore,so connected my sky instead.

Regarding video out,well I dont need it so I have'nt bothered to experiment,but I would suggest you speak to staff where you bought it and let them give you an explanation, ie 2way scart/video in/out.

What I can say is make use of the set up menu to configure your whole set up and the screen which lets you choose movies,music etc-well I found setting that to auto produced the best result!!

Then sit back and let it entertain you!

Sorry I meant optical out not video in/out,but I've just had a look at my manual and its got scart in/out,but no optical,Oh well the performance and spec still exceed many more expensive models!!
Just completed wiring it all up....WOW

Superb surround sound

Problem is trying to stop playing all my old dvd collection, as there are sounds in there I didn't know existed outside the cinema

It has played everything I have thrown at it including MP3 CD JPEG (even ones on my cdrw disks which other players could not cope with)

Can't grumble for the price

Is there any way of knowing if the sound output is DTS or Dolby Digital, as there does not seem to be a setting for it, and does the Dolby Pro Logic just relate to music cds?
Yeah its a cracking system,the dolby prologic 2 is for movies from tv/sky in 5.1 surround.
The DTS surround comes on automatically if thats the sound you have chosen in the dvd audio menu(assuming the film has a dts track such as Gladiator,T3,Jurassic Park 3 etc etc....In any case the display window will have the dolby digital sign light up or dts light when its playing that.

Glad you liked it,my relatives and neighbors have all uttered total disbelief at the price of this top quality technology-they were all gobsmacked by the quality of this marvel!!!

This all in one may become very popular as more people see/hear it in action!!
Where is the option for DTS as all I can see is Dolby Digital and the speaker set up of 5.1

By setting up Dolby Pro Logic II does this mean it will over ride any other settings (wish the manual had been more clear)
BTW when I put in a DTS DVD it still only comes up with Dolby Digital in the display

Am I doing something wrong

A friend of mine who uses DTS on a seperates systems says DTS is better tha Dolby Digital
To play DTS you have to select it from the dvd (disc)menu not the player menu,Keep your setting on auto or 5.1 for the player not dolby prologic.It will automatically switch to dp2 if the signal is right,incidently if your watching tv/sky and its connected thru aux then to get 5.1 you must press "Audio" on the remote and you'll see the display on the player window change as well as notice the difference in sound quality.
Try to experiment with the thing like I did-its the best way to get to know your player!!!
DTS is far superior to DD.
I'll go and try again

As for DPL is it best to set it to auto or OFF
Found it

By pressing the audio button during play it rotates the sound options, one of which is 2.4 5.1 dts the other main setting seems to be ac3 5.1, the other channesl on this particular dvd (Pirates of the Carribean) are narratives to the film

Wish this was mentioned in the manual

Can't tell the difference just yet
At the risk of sounding really dumb,

I see it doesn't do component out, but it looks from the PDF manuals like it does RGB out via scart. Am I right to assume this? That's nearly as good as component, right?

If so I may buy one myself...
When I connected my system up using the default settings the picture was quite good

What I did not know was that the default setting was set to svideo out (noticed this on the menu screen when some of the letters shimmered) so I found the relevant option and set it to RGB and the picture was greatly improved

All I can say if you get one is to check all the settings as the default ones may need altering for optimum performance

I must admit I am well impressed with this machine, even took out Richer Sound's extended guarantee for complete peace of mind (hopefully I won't need it so I can get my money back in a few years time)

For the price and features I could not find a better machine (or any impartial reviews for that matter) only that a friend of mine had some Eltax speakers which were reportedly very good
Is all the Nova's speakers Magnetically Shielded or just the centre speaker. If the rest of the speakers are not Magnetically Shielded what is a safe distance to keep them from the tv to stop any damage to my tv picture. :confused:
Hey MundoKev,

Quick question - did you ever get to the bottom of how to activate TV-in? From the connections on the back it would seem like Scart is the only way to do it, as opposed to using the traditional Aux input. Particularly as the connection is labelled 'Scart in/out'..

Let me know if you used TV-in or had to go with Aux...

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