Eltax Liberty 5+ - Blown Woofer




I've managed to blow one of the woofers in my Liberty 5+ speakers. Does anyone know any reasonably priced 165mm woofers I can replace the old ones with? Buying completely new speakers is out of the question because I'm poor as hell at the moment!

I've looked on the internet for woofers but I don't really know what to look for and it's really confusing.

Thanks in advance.


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You cant replace them with any woofers. there are loads of variables that determine how a speaker cone will behave and the crossover is only designed to work with the original cones.
My advice is to get them in to richersounds and get them to sort it (will cost you for parts, cariage and labour) or get in touch with eltax and see if they can supply you with some spares that you will have to fit yourself.:smashin:

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