Eltax Chroma Series II?



Hi anyone heard these speakers from Eltax. I have a price of 300 pounds for these from LECONCEPTS.COM for two front floor standers and a centre and two bi polar rears in high black gloss finish. I was looking at Monitor Audio Radius 270AV which includes Sub but thats 1200 and this Eltax system I am sure is not as good but for the price difference maybe its worth taking the eltax.

Anyone with any sensible views , experienc etc would welcome your views.


Cable Monkey

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What is the rest of your setup? There is no denying the MA's are the better product but that matters not if your amp can't drive them, or you don't intend to listen to music.

And on second thoughts, this review seems to suggest the original Eltax Chromas were a decent package for the £630 list price. Definately worth a closer look.

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