Elnur Gabarron G Hub (wifi control for storage heater)


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Long shot, but anyone have any experience with the above?

Our 30 year old storage heater packed up last October, just as it turned really cold, so had to get a replacement pretty quickly.

Bought an Elnur Gabarron smart storage heater, a step up on what we had before as it only charges up based on the heat it used the day before and regulates the temperature during the day, whereas the old one was all or nothing.

Anyway, being a gadget lover, I noticed you can control it over wifi via the web or an app, but you need to buy a separate hub (why they can't build it into the heater, I don't know) anyway, UK prices around £100-120, or Amazon Spain £60, only difference being a UK plug, which isn't necessary anyway because the power lead is just a USB lead you can plug into any USB hub.

All working well, for six weeks, can programme the heater or adjust temperature on the fly via the app, whereas it's a right faff on the heater itself. Yesterday, it decides no internet connection and won't connect to the hub.

Tried rebooting the hub, rebooting my phone, rebooting the router, deleting the hub and the heater from the app, deleting the app, reinstalling the app and trying the app on a different phone.

All the lights on the hub show it's functioning as it should with the lights flashing in the correct manor, however it refuses to connect to the app automatically, or manually by typing in the long code, so at the moment it's completely useless.

Any suggestions?


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You only need one hub for multiple devices and it probably needs ethernet so keeping it separate is sensible

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