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Hi Fellas,

Well after all the great advice I have received from lots of the guys on the forum (even though you anoraks baffle the hell out of me (sadid lovingly - I wouldn't have got this far without you)

I have my ceiling painted black (Ice Storm 1)

Black carpet on the floor

Dark charcoal carpet on the wall

I have even just ordered my projector (HS20), just couldn't wait until April to have a look at the sharp 200 short throw (Besides that there would have been other pj's about by then and I would have the same old choice problems and I would never have bought)

I am now wanting to order my screen and as usual after much research have got down to either an Ellie or Beamax fixed frame, only 60 pond between them so cost is not an issue - will they be a much of a muchness or is one better than the other or god forbid should I be considering something else.

My screen will be 5ft across (thats small i here you say), but I am only 10ft away from the screen.

Sorry to be a bit verbose but I am chuffed to bits with how it is looking and I cant thanks the forum guys enough.

Just looking for some views.

Peter Parker

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Hi Sneaky,

I doubt that you'd notice any difference between them image wise, provided the gain was the same, but the border should idealy be black and non reflective.

I'm assuming you mean fixed screen though. If you want a pull down, then one that hangs flat (or is tensioned) and has a black border would probably be things to look for. Hopefully existing owners will be able to help you there. Ripples etc can be distracting.



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Thanks gary,

Yes it is fixed screen.

The choice was either Ellie Vogue or Beamax A series.

The Beamax Border was about 3" and black, just need to check with the Ellie people on there border.

On another matter - dont know if you remember me but you gave some advice a while ago on carpets etc. I thanks you for that, I now have a charcoal grey contract carpet on the wall and a black carpet on the floor. It looks absolutely brilliant, couldn't have wished for better.

I have also had a look at your bracket and I think I can make it work for me. All I have to do is join the 2 brackets from cpc together and I should have the solution for my HS20, which arrives on thursday. So a pj bracket with looks ok and does the job for 12 quid, beats the hell out of the 170 unicol jobby.

You should charge consultancy fees.

There were brackets on cpc for a tenner that I have seen elsewhere for 35-40 pound - unbelieveable.

Dick Turpin wore a mask.


Peter Parker

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Hi Chris,

glad to have been of some help. :)

I really like the grey walls myself, and got my inspiration from this chap, so can't really take the credit:


He's since added some variable masking which I hadn't noticed before - looks a little like those cheap draw runner kits you can get! Now there's an idea... ;)

Got any pics of your set-up? We all like to see how people make their rooms look etc.



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When I get my gear setup - ill post some pics.

It is so dak in the room even though there is a six foot window with the sun shining in.


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