Elite accesories


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Anyone know if theres any plans to release the remote etc in black?
sorry if this has already been asked by someone..


The HD-DVD player too! I'd probably buy one to go with my Elite if they were available in black.


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title says it all really, i may soon be on the hunt for a new xbox and quite fancy grabbing an elite and HD drive, but not if the fecking thing is gonna be beige against a luverly black xbox.


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I think this has been discussed before and the short answer is no. I am just baffled as to why they didn't release the Elite with hd-dvd if they wanted to take the sword to Sony.


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I think my wife has the right idea, she thinks that all the AV manufactures should be forced to make all their equipment in a standard selection of colours, so that it doesn't matter what you buy or who you buy from, you can always get it to match the rest of your equipment.

MS certainly have no excuse with the Elite and the HD DVD drive. Although personally I'd rather have an Elite in white, I went off black when I bought my 360, and I still think it looks so much cleaner

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