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Electronics should have 'Plug n Play' cards

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Dolbyz, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Dolbyz


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    Wouldn't it be great if one could 'slot' on connections needs on DVD players, recorders, VCRs, TVs and other electronics? I mean, I found a nice Panasonic recorder that have everything - except Firewire and digital coxial out. I found an LG which had these two, but lacked RGB SCART in/out. I found another LG which had these - but not in SCART form which I need! Philips I'm just avoiding all together ...

    I'd like to go to a shop, order a model and say 'I don't use optical, so leave it out - but put in the digital coaxial. Forget the RF in/out as well. Oh yes ... I need RGB via SCART, but leave out S-VHS' ... then my TV 'I have RGB SCART installed on my DVD Recorder, so install that - but leave out S-VHS please'.

    Anyway - this guy tried selling me a Panasonic E50 over an LG RH7624W elsewhere at a much lower price. The LG is muuuuch better specced on paper - but according to this gentleman, a Panasonic cannot be compared to an LG. He reckon they're in seperate leagues. Is it true?

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