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Hi all,

Does anyone know any good electronic engineers for repairing subwoofers in the midlands kind of area? My sub is not working properly after trying everything and I have come to the conclusion that it is physically broken in some way so will need to be looked at by an expert.

Any suggestions would be great. I am trying to not get the repair through a shop as such and instead go stright to the engineers so I can communicate the problem in more detail.

Thanks. :lease:

theo cupier

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Sevenoaks in Cheltenham (sort of Midlands-ish) have a chap in the store who handles a lot of electronics repairs to kit. He did some good work on my speakers recently and has done amps etc in the past for me, too. If Cheltenham is not too far from you, I'd definitely recommend him as a port of call. He's always been prepared to listen to me blathering about what I think the problem is and take a listen with me whilst I point things out etc (even when it turned out that the 'dead speaker' I had was just a loose protective dome over the woofer cone rattling around behind the grille!).

If it's a bit out of your way then I don't think this shop is too unusual in having an electronics guy 'in-house' so other decent stores ought to have a techie to hand (or at least let you speak to them direct) so you could try your local hifi shop.

Jules Tohpipi

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There used to be a guy called Martin who ran an independentish hi-fi repairs business from the same premises as the shop 'Music Matters Hi-Fi' in Solihull. He'd come down and speak with you if you asked. Don't know if he is still there - it was seven years ago. Music Matters Solihull branch can be called on 0121 742 0254.

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