Electronic Drums - Roland - Timeline?


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Posting here as there does not seem to be a forum for musical instruments...............

Looking at Electronic Drum sets.
Close friend has just bought a cheap 2nd hand set, which works great for the money.
However, much better can be had second hand if you pay more..... Obviously!

Yamaha and Roland both seem strong brands, and I kinda have a thing for Roland ;)

What I'm struggling with is understanding the time-frame and abilities of various pre-owned Roland electric drum kits.

Rolands own web-site has a kind of mini-timeline, but it's not great.
I see things like:

Now I understand higher numbers are better, TD4, TD9, TD12 of course.
But there are the V and KV and other numbers also.

I'm sure some of which signify important changes to how the drums perform and sound.
Perhaps there was a major sound module upgrade at certain points in the range.

Can anyone help/assist/advise?

It's the sort of thing that someone "in the know" could explain in person really easy, but just searching the web makes is hard to understand differences, and what to look for or what to avoid.
Thanks :)

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