Electronic Arts' E3 2013 conference, 10 June

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9:58pm -Okay and that's that. 64 player BF4 is playable at E3 apparently. For the rest of us, I don't quite know what to make of that. I was excited by Mirror's Edge 2 and BF4 looks great. NfS can often be a lot of fun but what was going on with that EA Sports bit? I know it's always bad but goodness me... Anyway, hope you've enjoyed. Ste will be liveblogging Sony at 2am here, well worth staying up for!

9:57pm -He's saying some closing words but really who cares? MIRROR'S EDGE 2.

9:55pm -My God it looks AMAZING. There's lots of fighting, I suppose that's to prove they've fixed it? Whatever - it'll be great, don't worry about that old chestnut.

9:55pm -MIRROR'S EDGE 2

9:55pm -Surprise one more thing time.

9:53pm -There's a flag up here but the building is about to come down so our dude jumps out and parachutes down. We watch the building collapse from the ground - it's pretty epic, the thing's a skyscraper.

9:52pm -Dude on an ipad fires in a missile. Our chap up in the building watches it hit.

9:52pm -Now running round, we've got a bunch of players in a lift. Wonderful view of a ruined cityscape up here. Now there's a chopper shooting through the window, and someone blows it up with a rocket launcher.

9:51pm -Our guy is in a water vehicle. There's a hell of a lot of action, looks like loads of fun. Now we're third person on a jet ski.

9:51pm -They're role playing, it's well sweet. "Hostiles". Aww. Okay, so the game looks good. It's a capture the flag mode. The guy whose view we're seeing spots a tank, some explosives later and the tank goes through the ground.

9:50pm -Okay, to be fair an orchestra is a 21st century orchestra....

9:49pm -Sweet. Curtain comes up, 64 players are on stage. It's like a 21st century orchestra.

9:48pm - Birds eye view with assets to support players on the ground. There's a smartphone app to support it. They're doing a gameplay thing now.

9:47pm - Right-o. Here's DICE talking Battlefield 4. They've invented something called Levelution? Did I mishear? Anyway, 64 players, they're saying. And now "Commander Mode".

9:44pm -Okay, a little footage here. Slow motion pain and blood and sweat. Some dude totally Vega's it off the cage and onto another guy's face. Ouch. Dunno, game might be good but that presentation was stupid.

9:43pm -The footage they showed was minimal at best. They're showing a Simpsons-esque educational video about fighting now.

9:42pm -These elite athletes are talking awkwardly about their profession. I'm lost for words here. This is a mess. What's happening? There talking about how the game makes you feel like you're being hit in the face or something? I don't know. Apparently I've always wanted this.

9:41pm - "We're all human beings. We get [fighting] and we love it. Anyone disagree?" Um, yeah, a bit. This is all very odd.

9:41pm - Bruce Buffer (I think), an announcer from UFC, I think. Yeah, UFC. He's introducing Andrew Wilson and Dana White, Jon Jones, Benson Henderson.

9:41pm - Does that mean it's not on the current gen?

9:40pm -This autumn on Xbox One and PS4.

9:39pm -100s of new skills to make the artistry of football come to life.

9:38pm -Players and crowds feel more alive, he says. He's describing 'pro instincts'. 4x more calculations a second (Than what? Their real life counterparts?)

9:37pm -Here's Matt Bilbey to talk Drake. I mean FIFA.

9:37pm - Okay yeah, here's Drake. He's popular with the young people I think. He's telling us about how much he loves FIFA, and how much he thinks about the development team when he plays? I don't get what's happening.

9:36pm - Okay, good. FIFA now. A brief video but that's it. Barcelona players discuss playing football, cut in with game footage. Anything more?

9:33pm - Gameplay footage now. It looks very real I guess? It's like rugby but with no requirement to animate hair or facial expressions.

9:33pm -Ok, I'm really sorry but I have no idea what they're on about. He's basically saying the players move more realistically and look more realistic. Some guy is on the cover, there's lukewarm applause.

9:32pm -It can't get worse can it? Oh it can! MADDEN!!!

9:31pm -If I'm a really good boy, maybe the AVForums overlords will let me cover Sony next time.

9:30pm -Oh Christ what's happening? The basketball dude is telling us he takes a lot of time to prepare for his games. Anyway, in actual developments - NBA data will be pushed to the game with only an hour delay.

9:29pm -They're "redefining the dribble". I'm defining it as what comes out of my mouth as I snore my way through this BBall borefest.

9:28pm -NBA Live 14 now. A basketballer is mumbling some scripted lines. The game will be Xbox One and PS4 exclusive.

9:26pm -I'm sorry I don't know who this guy is. He's doing a rap/poem about basketball. "If you love something let it go / release / and if your game is tight enough it will return." Uh-huh.

9:26pm -Andrew Wilson is here. He's talking about Ignite and the future of animations and what have you.

9:25pm - Here we go. EA Sports time.

9:24pm -Again, lots of great rain, fire, and dust. A castle is attacked and dragons and other undead creatures appear. Out this time next year.

9:23pm -Dragon Age: Inquisition up next. There's a lot of talk of depth and size and complexity and so on. Here's a vid, pre-render.

9:22pm -He's telling us about the Need for Speed film. They show some footage but I'm momentarily distracted by thinking about Breaking Bad.


9:18pm -The new players are police. There's pursuit, looks great.

9:18pm -The red car is flying around in rainy conditions. A multiplayer request comes in, which he accepts. Suddenly: multiplayer. HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! (it doesn't really say that)

9:17pm -So one dude is racing. It's a what? Ferrari? I don't do cars. It's red anyway.

9:17pm -We're being told about how a new feature for NfS "All Drive" removes the line between single player and multiplayer. He's about to show a demo of a race that starts as single player and finishes as multiplayer.

9:16pm - Nice looking cops/robbers racing action, with dramatic voiceover. It's called "Need for Speed Rivals". Lots of cars flying around, looks brilliant. (no sarcasm there).

9:16pm -Okay but we're not sticking with that. Need for Speed now.

9:15pm -Star Wars Battlefront. Audience cheers and WOOOs.

9:15pm -DICE using Frostbite 3 for an "all new blockbuster"....

9:15pm -Here's Frank Gibeau to talk about game engines -Ignite and Frostbite 3.

9:13pm -"Characters, story, moments - things people usually expect from a singleplayer game put into a multiplayer game. And it's awesome." As if he'd say anything else. Anyway, looks promising enough.

9:13pm -Talking about how the Titans (big mechs) feel agile and fast.

9:11pm -Titanfall now. We've got one of those vids playing where a load of devs tell us how we're going to feel when we play it, how the game has a "living, breathing world" etc. I have nothing but disdain for these videos, to be honest.

9:11pm -Er. John came back off stage, yelled PEGGLE 2, punched the air and ran away. I think it was supposed to be funny, but um... yeah. Not great, John. Not great.

9:10pm - ...and just as I was about to post 'It's time to move on,' they move on.

9:10pm -There's a boss and it's gone inexplicably DISCO. Looks fun, this. Great animations and art style. Gameplay might be a bit generic though.

9:08pm -It's a lot more brown than the original, in keeping with the 'warfare' theme, presumably. The four players are each a different type of plant. It's class-based - the cactus is effectively a sniper.

9:07pm - It's 3rd person. Someone is playing as a pea-shooter. It's still wave-based.

9:06pm - We're about to see a 4 player co-op survivor mode demo.

9:05pm -He's a bit nervous/excited. Garden Warfare is first for Xbox One, then PS4. He made a lame joke or two and now here's someone to tell us about the game.

9:04pm -Lively video clip, that. Game's called Garden Warfare. Here's John Vechey to talk about it.

9:04pm - YOU WERE WRONG. It's Plants vs Zombies. Neat intro making it look like BF4.

9:03pm -He's promising some surprises but starting off with a 'beloved franchise'... Can you guess?

9:02pm -We'll see 11 games.

9:01pm -Flashing lights intro, lots of lasers and a beat! Goes on slightly too long. Here's Peter Moore, COO.

9:00pm -Here we go, I think! Yep - ready?

8:58pm -Right, nearly there. Is Populous technically EA? Bullfrog, wasn't it? Bring back Populous EA! The maps were about the same siza as the recent Sim City, weren't they?

8:55pm -Five mins, chums. An aside: I wonder how many people on stage won't be white and male? And how many protagonists in the games shown won't be white and male?

8:55pm -And for all my cynicism, I'm quite interested to see FIFA. I always buy it anyway.

8:50pm -If this Mirror's Edge 2 thing actually happens (and I think it will), I'm going to be proper excited. So excited I might go all cockney on you. And I'm not even remotely cockney, squire.

8:48pm -My stream has burst into life. Assume it's live. People milling, taking seats. Blue lasers point upwards from the stage. Lots of mobile screens being poked and prodded, of course.

8:47pm -We'll be doing a special E3 Podcast this week, by the way. (Thanks for indulging me, no more self-promotion, I promise.)

8:44pm -Hey, there's about a quarter of an hour till it gets underway. You know how long that is? That's the exact amount of time it'll take for you to subscribe to the AVForums Gaming Podcast and read a few of the Editorial Team's wonderful, insightful Game Reviews. You know you want to!

8:41pm - Anyway, we're not here to talk about Microsoft, are we? We're here to talk about Electronic Arts, the pantomime villain of the videogames world.

8:38pm -I suppose the argument would be that the bundled Kinect adds to the cost, but as someone who'd rather be without it that's hardly a selling point.

8:38pm - I'm hoping to bring you a live feed from right here, but I can't guarantee it. I had a heap of problems with Xbox.com earlier. What about that MS presentation, eh? £429 seems a bit steep to me.

8:35pm -Everyone ready? We're about 25 mins from kick-off with EA. No, not that kick-off, this kick-off.


Join us here at 9pm this evening where we'll be live blogging EA's E3 conference.

We're sure to be wowed by the incremental improvements to EA's fine stable of sports titles -- I'm sure you're all as excited as I am to find out what's the latest in Madden.

Beyond those I'm sure we'll see something of Battlefield 4, Titanfall (by Respawn) and I'm keeping everything crossed for Mirrors Edge 2. We'll see!
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